KD4PYR Database Status

Currently there are 2,275,209 records in the KD4PYR Weather Database.
Date range is from 1/1/1996 at 12:05:00 AM to 10/18/2017 at 3:20:00 AM.

The data captured at five minute intervals from the weather station are
loaded to a database once an hour. The graphs displayed below are
built from the weather database at the time this web page is displayed.

Weather Graph2 Weather Graph1

Database Record Format

Field Type Collation Null Key Default Extra Privileges Comment
Date date NO PRI 0000-00-00 -- select Date of Observation (Local)
Time time NO PRI 00:00:00 -- select Time of Observation (Local)
Temp float(4,1) YES 0 -- select Temperature at Observation Time
Humid float(3,0) YES 0 -- select Humidity at Observation Time
Dewpt float(4,1) YES 0 -- select Dewpoint at Observation Time
Windsp float(4,1) YES 0 -- select Wind Speed at Observation Time
WindDir char(4) latin1_swedish_ci YES 0 -- select Wind Direction at Observation Time
WindRun float(4,2) YES 0 -- select Wind Run During Last Five Minutes
WindHi float(4,1) YES 0 -- select High Wind Speed During Last Five Minutes
WindChl float(4,1) YES 0 -- select Wind Chill at Observation Time
HeatIdx float(4,1) YES 0 -- select Heat Index at Observation Time
TwhIdx float(4,1) YES 0 -- select Apparent Temperature at Observation Time
Barom float(5,3) YES 0 -- select Barometer at Observation Time
Rain float(4,2) YES 0 -- select Rain Fall During Last Five Minutes
HeatDD float(5,3) YES 0 -- select Heating Degree Days During Last Five Minutes
CoolDD float(5,3) YES 0 -- select Cooling Degree Days During Last Five Minutes
SolRad float(4,0) YES 0 -- select Average solar radiation during 5 minute interval W/m2
ET float(5,3) YES 0 -- select Evapotranspiration during the period

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