A Few Weather Related Pictures

Pic 1

These two pictures were taken by Ken Ziegelmeyer. Three days before Christmas 2006, a late afternoon thunderstorm passed through our area and a we were treated to a December rainbow. Ken was able to take a few snap shots of the short lived event.

Pic 2

Notice the Christmas lights the are lit on the eve of the house on the right. Thanks Ken for sharing these pictures.

Pic 3

Sharon Rudy took this nice picture of clouds near Williamstown KY on 5/14/2011.

Pic 4

This is a picture I took looking east from my house as sunrise lit the clouds from below. Taken 09/16/05.

Pic 5

This is a picture my wife Jo took of a pine tree in our back yard on 2/13/07 after an episode of freezing rain.

Pic 6

I took this picture of the back of my house on 3/8/08 after a winter storm dropped about 14 inches of snow from 3/7/08 through 3/8/08.

Pic 8

This is a picture I took in Union, KY on 12/02/16 of the post sunset clouds. I just thought it looked nice.

Pic 7

This is a composite my wife Jo made from a set of pictures my daughter Becky took of a rainbow in Florence, KY on 4/20/09 at about 7:45 PM. Note the faint secondary bow. The secondary rainbow is about 10 degrees further out from the antisolar point than the primary bow and is about twice as wide, with its colors reversed.

Pic 9

I took this picture of wave clouds on the evening of 2/21/24 in Union, KY. These cloud formations are relatively rare and are also known as billow or Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds.